Story 8

Better odds of beating breast cancer

Dr Paul Goss

Over the last 3 decades, the number of women who die from breast cancer has steadily declined - with a decrease of nearly 40% from its peak in 1986. We're proud that our tireless efforts and dedication to support important research have played an integral role in that progress.

In 2003, funded by the Society, a team of scientists at the Clinical Trials Group at Queen's University and led by Dr Paul Goss published groundbreaking research showing that the drug letrozole significantly reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence in a specific group of patients. For many years, the Society has been providing important funding to the Clinical Trials Group. Their work is directly responsible for helping thousands of women around the world enjoy their lives cancer-free.

Our work isn't done. The Canadian Cancer Society funds more research into more types of cancer than any other national charity in Canada. Learn more about the exciting research we are currently funding.