Story 71

Research saved Kieren's life

Sharon and Kevin O'Neil, of Okanagan, British Columbia, remember the summer of 2009 as if it were yesterday. Their son, Kieren, complained of severe pain in his arm and they took him to seek medical treatment. Doctors did a biopsy and performed a test developed by Dr Torsten Nielsen with funding from the Canadian Cancer Society. The test confirmed that Kieren had synovial sarcoma, a cancer of the connective tissue that usually affects young adults.

In this short video, Kieren and 2 other children and their families share their cancer stories.

"It's one scary cancer. When you read about this one it's absolutely terrifying," says Sharon. The O'Neil family was relieved to have a diagnosis confirmed and know that there was treatment available. Following the surgery, Kieren was pain-free for the first time that he could remember.

Sharon and Kevin don't know what the future holds. But they do know that without Dr Nielsen's research, Kieren's fate could have been much worse.

"This has bought us more time," says Kevin.

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