Story 69

Helping people quit smoking

Charlaine Hitchcock

After smoking for 43 years, New Brunswick native Charlaine Hitchcock never thought she'd be able to quit. She had tried many times over the years, but didn't have much success. But a free support service offered by the Canadian Cancer Society helped her reach a turning point.

"In 2008, I learned about Smokers' Helpline Online Quit Program quite by accident. It offered the tools and the information I needed to educate myself on what was really going on, and how I could beat this addiction once and for all," recalls Charlaine.

The site offered Charlaine the support she needed to quit for good. Many online friends and supporters encouraged her and believed in her during her journey to quit the habit. Now, she has been smoke-free for 5 years, enjoying her life and, especially, her grandchildren.

Smokers' Helpline has proven tips and tools to help you quit successfully. Connect with this free, personalized support in your province.