Story 64

Ligne J'Arrête – the very first call

Francine Boisvert

"I was very nervous but I forgot my surroundings to concentrate on the needs of our first caller. We took the time to look at all of her other attempts to stop, her motivations, and built a plan of action. Francine Boisvert, a Smoker's Helpline Information and Support Agent at the Canadian Cancer Society, remembers when she helped the very first person who called Ligne J'Arrête, the Smokers' Helpline French service based in Quebec. The caller had been trying to quit for years with no success. I then offered to call her back to follow up and help her. Happy and surprised, she agreed and I called her the following week."

Ligne J'Arrête provides vital support and important resources to Quebecers who want to quit smoking. Since the service began 11 years ago, 95,000 people have used this unique service to help them stop smoking or help a loved one quit.

Ligne J'Arrête has proven tips and tools to help you quit successfully. Connect with this free, personalized French-language service or call 1-866-527-7383.