Story 63

Helping to reduce the cancer risk in Aboriginal communities

Participants of the 5th Annual Traditional Foods Conference on Vancouver Island

In recent years, the Canadian Cancer Society has been committed to engaging First Nations communities on Vancouver Island to assist them in addressing some of the modifiable risk factors for cancer. One of the ways the Society supported health promotion and cancer prevention in First Nations was through planning and supporting the 5th Annual Traditional Foods Conference in 2012. The conference promoted the benefits of traditional food practices as a means to making healthier lifestyle choices.

"The conference was attended by close to 400 people and the profile of the Society and the importance of healthy eating and chronic disease prevention were greatly enhanced by our presence and support of this event," notes Erin Hemmens, Health Promotion Coordinator on Vancouver Island.

Participants at the conference enjoyed a range of healthy meal options, including traditional foods such as local seafood.

About one-third of all cancers can be prevented by being active, eating well and maintaining a healthy body weight. The Society is committed to helping people in communities make healthy changes to lower the risk of cancer.

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