Story 62

A lifeline helps smokers quit

Anathalie Jean-Charles

Anathalie Jean-Charles knows that smokers need help to quit. During her time as a quit smoking specialist with the Short Text Messages Against Tobacco (SMAT) service offered in Quebec, Anathalie helped many people get through difficult times as they tried to quit smoking.

"I remember chatting with a young lady who had a huge craving in between her classes. She was fighting the urges with all her might but needed help to overcome it. By sending her text messages, I walked her through a deep breathing technique and she was able to calm down and go about her day."

SMAT is available in Quebec and helps smokers quit by providing them with ongoing support through a text messaging service for 24 weeks. The messages offer encouraging posts about the benefits of quitting and provide tricks and exercises to help during cravings.

The Society provides a variety of smoking cessation support services throughout the country. Learn more about SMAT and Ligne J'ArrĂȘte