Story 61

An international leader in tobacco control

Rob Cunningham at the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control conference in Geneva, 2006

Our leading work in tobacco control is having an impact around the world. In 2003, Rob Cunningham, a policy analyst with the Society since 1988, represented us in the Canadian delegation in the development of a key international public health policy.

"There's an international tobacco control treaty called the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and the Society participated in the negotiations for that treaty as a non-governmental organization. The treaty has various obligations such as to ban tobacco advertising, to maintain minimum standards for health warnings on packages and to have smoke-free requirements. That treaty has revolutionized what has occurred in developing countries, which beforehand had very little tobacco control legislation or resources," Rob says.

Within the Society, Rob and others will continue to work with municipal, provincial, federal and international organizations to develop comprehensive tobacco control policies to ensure that fewer people are affected by tobacco-related cancers.

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