Story 60

62 years with the Society

Margot Reid selling daffodils during Daffodil Month, 2012

In 2013, 85-year-old Margot Reid will celebrate a remarkable milestone: 62 years as a volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society. Margot remembers when she was first asked to help establish the Newfoundland branch of the Society.

"I had just come back to Newfoundland as a young bride in 1951 and my father-in-law was the first chairman of the Society in Newfoundland. I was a graduate of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal as a nurse, so he asked me to come on board and start it. It was exciting, but it was scary too because we didn't know what we were doing – it was the blind leading the blind. It took us a long time but we had a lot of committed volunteers who helped make the division a reality," she says.

A volunteer delivers daffodils to Margot, 1974

Margot's contributions continue this year as she assists in planning and implementing awareness campaigns across the province.

The foundation of the Canadian Cancer Society's 75 year legacy lies in the commitment of its volunteers working to change cancer forever. Want to get involved? Learn about volunteer opportunities with the Canadian Cancer Society in your province.