Story 57

Relay For Life – a one-man team

Bert Munro

Bert Munro received treatment for testicular cancer at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre in 1995. While there, he was inspired by an 8-year-old boy who was receiving chemotherapy treatment at the time.

Bert remembers that "an elderly woman with a walker came in. The woman walked along and stood to wait. The kid gets up from his chair, with his IV, and offers her the chair. She appeared to be in better shape than him."

This boy and other young cancer patients inspired Bert to fight back and ensure a brighter future for those children and others facing a battle with cancer.

Bert began participating in Relay For Life in 2005. After 2 years of being part of a large team, he created his own one-man team and has raised over $162,000 since 2005.

Relay For Life recognizes and celebrates cancer survivors, honours those lost to the disease and provides participants an opportunity to continue the fight.

Find out how you can fight back as a volunteer fundraiser with Relay For Life.