Story 42

Enhancing our understanding of brain cancer through innovative research

Dr Abhijit Guha

Thanks to the tireless and courageous work of a Toronto-based neurosurgeon, we have a better understanding of brain cancer and how to treat it. In addition to his extensive work with patients, Dr Abhijit Guha conducted innovative research on the molecular biology of brain tumours, specifically around the differences between cancer cell signals and normal brain cell signals. His findings paved the way for the development of new drugs to treat the disease.

In addition to fighting cancer in his professional life, Dr Guha also battled the disease in his personal life. He was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008 and passed away in November 2011 when the cancer returned. His legacy continues to influence cancer researchers today.

Former colleague Dr David Kaplan from the Hospital for Sick Children remembers Dr Guha as "a tireless and passionate clinician and scientist. He loved talking about science and sharing his latest results with friends and colleagues in hallways, meetings and seminars. His students were devoted to Ab with his considerable curiosity and drive."

Dr Guha's work also extended beyond Canada's borders. He established the Neurosciences Institute in Kolkata, India, to encourage new research and provide health care to impoverished people.

In 2012, his family accepted the Society's Medal of Courage, which was awarded posthumously to Dr Guha for his exemplary work in the global fight against cancer while exhibiting outstanding courage in his own personal battle.

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