Story 41

Early detection saves lives

Brynessa Gradley, age 19, remembers the moment when her life changed forever.

"It was a day like any other," she says. "I was getting out of the shower and noticed a teeny tiny mole with just a little ring of red around it."

She immediately consulted a doctor and was diagnosed with melanoma, a potentially fatal type of skin cancer. Brynessa's mom knew that "if she had not been as proactive as that, if they hadn't operated when they did, then it could've been in her lymph nodes within 3 months."

In this short video, Brynessa and 2 other young people and their families share their cancer stories and how the Canadian Cancer Society has made an impact on their lives.

Paying attention to any changes in your body can save your life. We've always known that early detection saves lives. One of our first strategies to improve detection was the circulation of the Seven Danger Signals of Cancer. The publication educated Canadians about the symptoms of cancer and the importance of consulting with a medical professional as soon as possible.

The Seven Danger Signals of Cancer, 1950s

When cancer is found early, it is often easier to treat. We encourage people to know the symptoms and get regular checkups. Find out about what signs to look for.