Story 38

Volunteers and staff working together

Volunteer canvassers receive their materials at a local unit office.

"The Canadian Cancer Society is an organization that truly understands the partnership that needs to exist between the staff and the volunteer, knowing that if you just have staff alone you would not be able to accomplish everything that we've set out to do," says Sonia del Messier, member of the Public Issues volunteer team.

The Canadian Cancer Society prides itself on being a grassroots organization. In 2011–2012, over 140,000 dedicated volunteers contributed their time. Volunteers help to coordinate fundraising events like Relay For Life, administer support programs nationwide like Cancer Connection and the Cancer Information Service, and are active in our research, prevention and advocacy initiatives.

"The strength of the partnership between volunteers and staff is unparalleled. At the end of the day, that's the common ingredient to success in our organization – a mutual respect for one another. We couldn't do what we do without volunteers in the organization," says Rick Perciante, National Vice-President, External Engagement.

Want to get involved? Learn about volunteer opportunities with the Canadian Cancer Society in your province.