Story 37

A special Relay For Life volunteer

Lillian Murray

Lillian Murray has beaten cancer 6 times. It was a life-changing experience that transformed Lillian into an internationally recognized advocate for other patients and the importance of cancer research. Lillian is a volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay For Life in Moncton as part of Team Breast Friends, which has raised over $100,000 since 2005.

The American Cancer Society has recognized Lillian's positive attitude as a source of inspiration for others, appointing her an International Hero of Hope Relay For Life Ambassador in 2012.

"Cancer is just a word, not a sentence. Cancer cannot rule your life, unless you let it," says Lillian.

Over 40,000 volunteers help to make Relay For Life a success every year, allowing the Canadian Cancer Society to continue its work in research, advocacy and support.

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