Story 30

Oncologist volunteers on the front lines to help patients

Dr Eshwar Kumar

Dr. Eshwar Kumar, an oncologist in New Brunswick and a Society volunteer for the past 16 years, is on the front lines of the fight against cancer.

His dedication and focus has helped us achieve numerous policy and advocacy wins in tobacco control, breast cancer screening, tanning equipment bans and other important initiatives.

When asked what originally motivated his involvement as a volunteer, Dr Kumar, who serves as CEO of the New Brunswick Cancer Network, said, "I'm a practising oncologist and fully aware of the concerns my patients have and the difficulties they have to go through, and I guess the question I had when I joined was: What is the Cancer Society doing for my patients?"

Looking back at the Society's achievements during his time as a volunteer, Dr Kumar now understands just how much we do for patients and their families.

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