Story 3

Early detection saves lives

Delores Higgins

Delores Higgins started volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society in 2007, promoting cancer screening in her community. Little did the Sudbury, Ontario resident know that within a few short years, she would be battling the disease herself. Fortunately, Delores' breast cancer was detected early through proper screening.

"The doctors were able to nip the cancer right in the bud," she says. "I wasn't really apprehensive when I was diagnosed because I believed that since my breast cancer was found early I would be all right."

Since our earliest years, we've known that early detection of cancer often translates into better chances of survival. That's why our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to promote the use of screening programs available in the community.

A cancer awareness poster from our early years.

Read more about cancer screening programs available where you live or call 1-888-939-3333.