Story 2

Supporting Canadians of all ages who have been touched by cancer

"My cancer story began at 6 months old," says 11-year–old Casey Wright of Vancouver. "The tumour had lodged itself into my brain – somewhere so sensitive it's impossible for the doctors to remove."

In this short video, you can hear the stories of Casey and 2 other children and their families as they share their cancer stories and talk about the positive impact the Canadian Cancer Society has had in their lives along the way.

Supporting Canadians touched by cancer – no matter how young or old and regardless of the type of cancer they're facing – is the cornerstone of our work. That support, combined with our research and steadfast focus on preventing cancer, is helping to lay the foundation for a future in which no Canadian needs to fear cancer.

Canadian Cancer Society funds more research into more types of cancer than any other national charity in Canada. Learn more about the exciting research we are currently funding.