Story 17

Improving end-of-life care

Dr Harvey Chochinov

The Canadian Cancer Society recognizes the importance of improving end-of-life care and actively funds important research to reimagine the palliative process.

"Research is paving the way toward providing better quality palliative end-of-life care, for patients and their families," says Dr Harvey Chochinov.

One of the tangible ways Dr Chochinov believes end-of-life care can be improved is by providing patients the opportunity to record important memories and messages to leave as a legacy for their loved ones.

Dr Chochinov's dedication and innovative research earned him the 2012 Frederic Newtown Gisborne Starr Award, the Canadian Medical Association's highest honour.

We are proud to have supported Dr Chochinov's work and of our investment in palliative care research since the 1970s. The Canadian Cancer Society funds more research into more types of cancer than any other national charity in Canada. Learn more about the exciting research we are currently funding.