Story 12

Society-funded research leads to dramatically improved survival rates

Luana Locke is a Canadian Cancer Society volunteer who knows first-hand how the research we fund can benefit patients. Luana has Li-Fraumeni syndrome, a hereditary disease that significantly increases a person's risk of developing cancer. She has lost several family members to cancer and her children have the gene that causes Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

"My life is my children, I want to be around for them," says Luana, "and I want my family's legacy of loss to end with this generation. That's what this research is empowering us to do."

Recently, a Toronto research team funded by the Society and led by Dr David Malkin developed an innovative screening and monitoring program that dramatically improves survival for adults and children with Li-Fraumeni syndrome. After following patients for over 5 years, their research found that patients involved in the surveillance program had a 100% survival rate after cancer was detected. For those not under surveillance, the survival rate was only 21%.

This new surveillance protocol has already been adopted by dozens of pediatric cancer centres around the world.

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